“Skulls-The strong tattoo imagery”


This year I released my second book: “Skulls-The strong tattoo imagery”. A hardcover book, only 333 copies, depicting the human skull printed on thick quality paper all signed and numbered by me.The book contains images of the human skull, about 50 drawings made for other tattooists who can use these drawings for inspiration to their own work or directly for tattoos.

In the second floor of my tattoostudio I have a small gallery where I had an opening show for the release of this book. I framed 40 of the original drawings from the book and added some charcoal drawings and watercolors for the walls as well. A well attended show and I am happy with the result.

Here is some pictures before the opening!

The book can be purchased at: www.gentlemanstattooflash.com or at our studio: Stigma